Burning Starscapes in the Red Sun: A Live Process

by Nux Vomica & Freeland

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This recording is a collaborative effort between Gustavo Pastre (Freeland) and Alan Herrick (Nux Vomica). The audio process was mixed live on November 28, 1992 as a part of a an ambient environment installation.

Sources used to generate this process were multiple turntables, compact disc players, tape decks and effects processors. Pre-existing sources were mixed, processed and output within the environment. Original source material included recordings of and by: Tibetan bells and bowls, animal sounds, peyote healing chants, Nocturnal Emissions, Rune Lindblad, Asmus Tietcens, Eraserhead soundtrack, Caroline K., Books on Tape, the soundtrack to Final Approach, Life Garden, Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Voice of Eye, John Hassell, SPK, Anti Group, Gamelan, Otto Luening, Orb, Flagyll, William S. Burroughs, Robert Fripp, Andrew McKenzie, Ann McMillan, Ron Geesin, Jorg Thomasius, Nurse with Wound, Bilting/Karkowski, and many other found sounds. We wish to extend the proper credit to all artists whose material was sampled in the creation of this soundscape. Elements are the most essential aspects of all compounds.


released November 28, 1992




Nux Vomica San Francisco

Nux Vomica is a sound art musical trio based in San Francisco, California. The present members of Nux Vomica have been performing together, as a unit, for the past twenty years. Each with a unique and active history within the experimental music field.

Nux Vomica utilize sound processing, electronics, found sounds, and aural sculpture to achieve a unique and trance like sound environment.
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